Soulful Sundays – Candle of Hope

It is easy to get wrapped up in the negative thoughts that we either carry ourselves, or that others carry for us. Or both. From a culmination of past trauma, fear and anxiety are here. And they can take a firm hold. Looking for ways to manage despite this, I tried a new technique on Friday. Notes!

Little, simple, poignant, uplifting notes. The inner voice can be so toxic. Given free reign, it is more than capable of destruction. Each of us will have a different way of shutting down that voice. Heck, day to day we’re going to have a different approach. How we do it doesn’t matter. Other than that it may help someone else. What matters beyond that, is that we are fighting those negative inner thoughts. Please don’t let them fester. And do not give them any power. Like a predator, those thoughts will overwhelm.

So, when your world begins to get a little darker and scarier, light your candle of hope. And look for other candles in the dark. Because you’re not alone in this battle, even though it feels like it. Together, we got this. Just hold my hand!


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