Soulful Sundays – Let Us Give Hope

There’s an energy happening on social media which needs to be supported. Artists are artists whether they get paid to do it or not. Authors are authors even if they have no fans. There is a toxic notion in the world that you must be able to sustain yourself (and maybe others) with only your art in order to say that you’ve made it. That you’re a success. Everything less implies we have failed.

To “make it”, at least within my eyes, all you need is for one other person to see it. Social media exists so that we can reach across this world to connect with one another! Family is no longer defined as a bloodline. Being social no longer requires a bar (though you do you, if that makes you happy!). We are no longer wallflowers. We are silent footsteps others will follow!

So please, share your art, whichever form it has. There are more people out here than you know who need to see it. Whose life will be changed by it. You have the power to give hope to others. Let us give hope to you!

Su su na, Selina

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