Claiming Your Worth

Finding your worth is a gruelling journey. There are many reasons why it is; people are quick to tear others down, a toxic inner voice, experiencing failures, falling into mindsets. Fear.

What if I’m wrong? What if someone laughs at me? What if I’m called out? What if I’m not worth as much as I think I am? What if I fail?…

The trend with all those ‘what ifs’, is that someone outside of ourselves is establishing our worth. Why do they get a say? Especially when they don’t know you, or the battles you’ve triumphed over? You have worth. We all do!

Step 1: claim it. Own it! You are powerful, you are strong, you are kind. You are all you need to be to live this day as though it had been made for you.
So, start looking at yourself the way you do an idol.

And, when that inner voice starts talking out of turn, repeat these words: Claim it! Own it! I am all I need.

Yes, finding and setting your worth is a gruelling task. There will be many voices, internal and external, that will push you back. The battle is hard, it’s exhausting, and you are absolutely worth it! Every journey starts with a single step. So for today, focus just on Step 1.

Selina Elliot