Define Your Worth

You began by claiming it. I am worthy! You’ve told yourself this invaluable piece of truth. You claimed it because it is true.

So now what?

Step 2: Define your worth. Give it life in some form that means something to you alone. Weave the words. Find depth within a drawing. When you do, you’ll find your worth has found its meaning. It will evolve over time, as we all do. That’s growth, so that we are not stagnant. Your story will change, and your worth will grow.

Unless it’s defined, how will you know what to look for? It won’t be in the things you do for others. It isn’t about what you can give. Your worth isn’t earned. It simply is. It’s inside you. Just as it’s always been.

I know that you are worthy. I can see it. Who you are is enough. More than enough!

Selina Elliot