Land of the Living Skies

Dedicated walker? Desperate for inspiration? Too stubborn to turn back?

Take your pick! They’re all true. There’s something about rain that inspires me and lifts my spirits. It’s a feeling of being present, being free, being me! So I hit the trail today. I felt centered the moment those little pelts of icy-rain hit my face. And the feeling that filled me took me down a dirt road.

Well, a mud road now. And yep, those’re my prints in the mud. I’ve got the mud-caked shoes to prove it.

Yesterday, we had the brightest day. Sunshine, blue skies, intense heat; we had it all. This morning, icy-rain. And now, as I glance out the window, I see sunshine again. Land of the Living Skies, indeed! Never know what the next five minutes will bring.

And isn’t that the fun? What are you going to make of the day? Because in a few minutes, the moment may be gone. Were you glad you waited it out? Or are you sad now?

There will be a number of obstacles waiting to get in the way of your goals. But the only thing that can stop you, is YOU. Set your goals. Whatever they may be, set them. Write them down. Say them out loud. Post them for all to see, but mostly for you to see.

When you realize that it’s only you that’s stopping you, that path your on suddenly dries up!

Cheers and blessing,
Selina Elliot