Definitely Not Disappointed – synopsis

You don’t need to change the world with your art. You only need to change their world.

Definitely Not Disappointed synopsis:
Having the family he was born into broken apart by circumstance and ego, Ty wouldn’t let anyone else he called family be taken from him.

Definitely Not Disappointed is a struggle of family finding their way. Seen through the eyes of each member, perspective becomes individualized. But for each of them, their family always comes first.

The Teaser:

Family is a word that holds no meaning for me. I go by Sam now, but this isn’t my story.

Because it’s our story. My name is Ty. I’m Sam’s boyfriend.


Still yours though!

Will you two get…

Don’t tell them to get a room, Geo! They will!

Court’s right. And then we won’t get this teaser done.

Not everything will fall apart without it, Tanner.

The hell it won’t! How else am I supposed to know this is a BL story.

The hell it is Jaz. I thought this was supposed to be a story about our family?

Aww, Sam just called us family!

You’re all annoying.

It’s so adorable when my boyfriend pouts.

Definitely Not Disappointed by Selina Elliot (coming soon)

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