It’s really only taken a day

You’ve let me share my fears and insecurities. For that, there isn’t enough praise in the world to give you! It’s been dark and lonely for a while now. The pressures have felt too overwhelming for a person lacking worth. Like water moving down the drain, these fingers aren’t enough to keep what’s important.

And then there was a moment when everything broke.

It’s beautiful during the day! There’re people out there who offer a friendly wave. They need nothing from you yet appreciate a smile. Music doesn’t shut out the world, it enhances it now. There’s a stillness that was forgotten about. And all it took was a vacation to give the reminder.

It’s really only taken a day, but I found peace once again. I’d forgotten how essential it is to this soul. So, from now on, I’ll remember to take time off and simply be still.

The image I sketched just yesterday is an important piece to my soul. I love my bee! It is one of my most favorite doodles this year. The imagery probably isn’t lost on you; the crushing claws closing in… Thank you to each of you for allowing me to share. Both when the inner voice holds power, and in these moments when hope shines strong. I’m back to being the girl I love! So let’s head out together to see what beauty the world holds today! After all, we’re in this together!



One comment on “It’s really only taken a day”
  1. Priti says:

    Beautiful sketch! 👍


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