Normalize Talking

We need to normalize talking to each other and speaking up when we need help ~ this beauty came from one of my dearest friends.

The truth is, I don’t speak up because I want to protect others from feeling like I do. So, I will put on the positive hat and spin even the worst moods so that you won’t know how truly dark it is here.

Tonight, I will do my best. …even if I will be, I’m not okay right now.

Thankfully, I have my favourite shows to watch, an amazing group of people that love me even when I don’t, and a forum to give voice to these emotions. They don’t control me. But for tonight, they can have a say. And what my heart wants more than anything else is to binge watch Love in the Air. So, without any guilt, I will go do that now.

If you’re not okay, I hope that you will be soon. You’re not alone in this.


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