Elemental Emotions – Final Episode Teaser

A momentary glance with a dozen possible meanings. But Nevetes stopped as a sense washed over him. A sixth sense giving warning. Seeing the shift, the general’s gaze flickered momentarily. He would die right now, but not without taking something from Nevetes. And that was when Nevetes knew!


The power of throwing Vania created a necessary opening. Using the power of his wings, he raced to her. Bryn was lying before her on the ground. Blood heavily stained his clothing, but thanks to her abilities, he was conscious. Hearing Nevetes’ call, she was watching him. It was why she didn’t see it coming. Creeping up behind her, a lone soldier breaking out of the brush. The blade in his hand reflected the light. There was no one to protect her. No time for her to invoke that power she wouldn’t reserve for herself. As fast as he was, the blade coming for her was faster.

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