Soulful Sunday – Connections

Connections make life’s journey meaningful!

This page and my craft are dedicated to making sure we all know that we are not alone. That is going to come at a cost of sharing. If I want us to connect, I must be willing to share a part of myself with you.

Welcome to Soulful Sundays!

I am Selina. A cup of coffee and a blanket are my favourite things to have early in the morning before the world wakes up. This quiet solitude heals my heart. There is peace that permeates every fiber of my being.

So, why do I feel so alone today? These moments are mine, why would I want to lose them? Why do I feel the desire to share my moments with another? There are times I wish I could stop.

But these emotions inspire so much of my writing! They drive my characters. And even if I’m forever alone, I believe that good will still come whenever my feelings influence my writing.