Elemental Emotions – Episode 12 Teaser

“I know that he won’t stop,” she resumed walking.

“Then why did you engage him?”

“Because he tried to convince me that you weren’t worth standing beside,” she ran fingers over the hair by her ear. “Made me mad.”

Nevetes’ head tilted down towards her. His sightless gaze was harsh, “you think I need your help or your protection?”

“Yes,” her voice was soft and certain.

Stunned, he stood still.

“And I need yours,” she walked up next to him. She slipped her hand into his.

She waited for him to take the lead from here. After a silent moment, his fingers curled around hers. He moved ahead holding her hand. A muttered comment came from his lips, “possible source of food is all you are.”

She smiled. Together they walked.