Elemental Emotions – Episode 9 Teaser

His reflection in the waterfall was distorted. Fleeting images of a dark being stared angrily back. The red in his eyes was nearly gone. The red of the blood upon his face and hands had turned to black. His fangs were larger. His claws gouged out the stone at his feet. The black wings that had carried him here lay behind him. A monster. A demon. That was what he was. Human was never to be a factor!

He wasn’t anything like those that beat and tortured. He wasn’t an evil being that tested on others and changed them from what they once were. Humans were disgusting, vile creatures without a soul. And he wasn’t one of them!

The water before him splashed out as his claws cut through the waterfall. Quickly, his distorted image returned. He turned his back on it. He was a monster that killed quickly and efficiently, and he would show them all what he was.