Without Apology – Episode 18

Life at the expo was fast-paced and exhilarating! Which is why it was so surprising to find Dasai sitting alone with a troubled expression. Before him the ocean stretched out endlessly. The salty breeze toyed with his hair. The only storm was that which was brewing in blue-hewed eyes.

Kuro sat next to him on the outcrop.

“Aren’t you overdressed?” Dasai took in his appearance slowly. The way he was looking at Kuro brought up a familiar response.

“You’re evading and we haven’t said a word,” soft was the accusation.

“And you’re blushing,” the glint in his eyes enticed! Dasai leaned closer, the playful smile growing.

Kuro touched his forehead lightly to Dasai’s, “what were you thinking about?”

Dasai held his gaze with unfocused eyes. Time moved on.

“Did you ever take a trip with your mom?” Dasai asked.

For a moment, his gaze dropped. He shook his head. Then he looked back up, “but you have, with your parents.”

Dasai looked questioningly at him, for they hadn’t ever talked about this before.

So, he explained, “I saw the photo albums. You were at a beach like this one before.”

“I don’t know where it was,” Dasai toyed with his fingers. A derisive breath emerged, “I don’t even remember if we were happy.”

Kuro ran his fingers over Dasai’s wrist.

“What if I can’t give you everything you deserve?” Dasai let his insecurity show. “What I came from…”

“What we both came from,” Kuro gently reminded him.

To young eyes it was a river of blood encasing twisted metal and shards of glass. Police tape surrounded the scene to keep onlookers back. The crowd that had once gathered was now but a few. Those with little ones had long since left, protecting them from the horror today had brought.

“Ma’am, you can’t come closer,” the police officer physically held her back.

“That’s my son! My baby! Dasai! DASAI!” she cried out, tears streaming down her face.

“Let her through,” a senior officer gave the command.

She bolted to his side, collapsing as she pulled him in tight to her chest, “my baby! What happened? Are you okay?”

A young Dasai stood limp within his mother’s embrace. Her hands upon his head flattened his hair. She was inspecting him for injuries. But he hadn’t been in the car when it crashed.

She looked to the officer, “what happened?”

“We’re going to find out. But ma’am, is this your husband’s ID?”

Hands that trembled took a hold of the ID which was in a clear bag. Dasai stared at the letters, trying to form the words. Evidence.


“Ma’am,” he gently encouraged her focus.

She nodded, “yes, that’s my husband’s.”

“Is that your car?”

She looked over taking in the scene she hadn’t been able to process. Slowly, her head moved to negate the inquiry.

Another officer came up, “here’s the woman’s identification.”

Another clear bag was passed over.

“Ma’am, do you know who this woman is?”

Dasai read the name to himself, Rebecca Yates. There was a girl in his class whose name was Rebecca.

She shook her head, “who is she?”

The other officer was explaining something which seemed to hold importance to them, “there’s no car seat in there, no toys, it’s clean.”

“I don’t think she had a kid here,” they were looking around.

The small group of onlookers continued to whisper to themselves in speculation. Dasai put his arms around his mother’s neck, placing his chin upon her shoulder. He stared out at the park.

“Look, I’d like to get my son home. Can you tell me where they took my husband?”

Uncomfortable silence.

“…he’ll be safe with one of the officers…need to talk to you…”

Her hand touched his head as she set him down, “stay right here baby.”

Her voice was distant and sad. He knew why. He would always know why.

There was a lot going on between the small crowd, the accident scene, him, his mom, the cops. So much happening. So much. But all of that faded to the background. Golden eyes had been frozen to the car on the street for a long time. Somehow, no one had noticed him.

Dasai felt the thread that now connected them. He followed it to the small boy standing alone. The boy said nothing and did nothing. Only stood there staring. The world would continue on around him as he stood there waiting.

Behind Dasai, his mom was holding a hand over her mouth. Tears were flowing down her face. She looked like she was going to be sick.

Dasai took the hand of the boy. Fear sparkled deep within those wide eyes. Both said nothing.

“Dasai, sweetie! Don’t run off like that,” his mom was scared.

She knelt before him, ready to take him back in her arms. But seeing the boy whose hand he held, she paused. His possessive claim to the boy surprised her. The calm acceptance secretly surprised him.

“Hello. What is your name?” she asked.

His hand gripped tighter to Dasai’s.

“Are your parents around here, son?” the officer asked.

Golden eyes moved to the mangled car.

“Son, what is your name?” the office pushed.

Dasai’s eyes narrowed in challenge, “his name is Kuro.”

“Kuro?” his mom was at a loss. “The cat? The cat you were going to adopt today?”


“He’s not your son,” the edge in Dasai’s voice was cold.

“Dasai,” his mom was shocked!

“Jacob,” the small voice next to him spoke.

Silence met that simple declaration.

“Jacob Yates,” he murmured.

“She didn’t even have a car seat for him,” one of the other officers spoke quietly.

Gentle was the touch that slid fingers together. Dasai looked at him, “stay with me.”

The storm within those dark eyes took Kuro’s breath, so he took strands of silky hair in hand. Silent was the assurance he provided. His gaze questioned what could bring such a burden down upon strong shoulders.

They stood now, so that Dasai could enfold him. It was a hold that was asking for something important.

“Just keep being strong enough to hold me like this. I won’t go anywhere,” Kuro held tight to Dasai, his cheek pressed against the warm chest.

“I’d rather hold you like this,” Dasai made good on his claim.

With a laugh, Kuro shifted, “that also works to keep me close.”

The feel of Dasai’s lips upon his neck brought out a sigh. Fingers in Dasai’s hair trembled lightly. Feeding off the responses, Dasai’s teeth lay claim.

“You’re going to leave a mark,” Kuro didn’t try to repress a shiver of pleasure. “Again.”

“You don’t want me to?” the laughter feathered across Kuro’s neck.

“Disgusting,” the snide remark reached out to them.

Kuro gripped Dasai’s shirt. Warm hands held him.

“I’d say get a room, but this shouldn’t be encouraged,” the heavy accent didn’t mask the hatred.

From the safety of Dasai’s body, Kuro made a request, “kill them.”

“Gladly,” the pleasure in his voice rang clear.

Deadly was the look that slid towards two young men who dared to interrupt. Too late they realized their mistake.

They turned, ready to run from the danger they had stumbled upon. But it was too late. Kuro watched as two figures were tossed down the wooden stairs that had brought him up here. Landing in a heap, they looked up to find four people barring the way. These were friends that Dasai and Kuro had made at the expo.

“Looks like we got here at the right time.”