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You have to be strong enough to admit you’re not okay.

It’s been a rough day. Not really sure I’m strong enough to make it through. But maybe I’m strong enough to admit that I’m not okay.

Lost within dark thoughts, it’s hard to define why I’m lost or where the wrong turn was made. I sat there trying to figure it out. Desperately, I prayed for someone to find me. But what I couldn’t do, was let them know I wanted their rescue.

It wasn’t till now that I even saw what image my old phone had taken in that moment. I still don’t have an answer, and I may always lack the courage. But I’m grateful for the unexpected image which will serve as my reminder.

I may not be stronger than the inner voice right now. But, I’ve made it this far on my strength alone. I’m capable of more.

Cheers and blessings, and may you truly know that you are not alone. Selina 💜💛💙