Without Apology – Episode 15 Teaser

“This school has turned into a joke,” Silas grumbled, kicking a garbage can over.

“Yah well, you know whose fault that is,” Bryson moved around the spilt garbage.

A voice from behind turned them both around, “we’re lookin’ to blame you.”

Three guys were a formidable enough threat. They each looked as though they were spoiling for a fight. These were guys that were just the same as Bryson and Silas.

And so, Silas knew just how to handle them. There was a wicked feel to his grin, “waste your time if you want. Or we take out the problem at the source.”

The one in charge granted him a moment, “what you got in mind?”

And the one in charge was now Silas. The evil grin spread, “even Dasai’s going to have problems when it’s five to one.”