Quiet Storm

Self isolation, social distancing.

For once, I don’t have to explain my inability to ‘people’. I’m kinda at the top of my game here! But, I know that it’s not this easy for many people. And no matter our social mannerisms or preferences, this is a trying and stressful time for us all. The very last thing I want, is for anyone to feel alone and forgotten.

You do matter!

So, let’s come together to lift each other up. Our society is the most uniquely prepared for this very situation. We have social media, gaming communities, platforms to tell our stories… it’s all there and more!

In the next little while, I’m going to share more of the work that has kept me busy and my soul thriving! A good story is never wasted. So please, keep in touch and keep checking in. We may be stuck at home, so let’s have some fun with it!