“The last thing to go in a fire is its heart” unknown

I lie here at nearly 1am, unable to sleep. I wonder, do I even have what it takes? Will anyone care if I stop trying? Will my writing matter to anyone?

Maybe, all I am is this. There might not be anything more. And, I know it kills me to think this is all I am.

Be happy with the blessings you have because you never know when they might disappear. It’s true, which is why I feel all the more guilty fearing I am wasting my life. Maybe it is mine to waste. Perhaps, I’m doing the right thing. That responsible, safe thing.

“But the Lord doesn’t love a coward.” A wise, caring man with great courage.

So maybe I am nothing more. But, how will I ever know if I don’t try? How can I stand to look at myself tomorrow if I don’t keep trying?

Tonight I lack the strength. But tomorrow…well, tomorrow’s pages haven’t been written yet!

Hugs and cheers to all my lovelies,

Selina Elliot