‘If I looked prettier, I would totally do those colors.’

We’re beginning April’s blog posts with something bald-honest. Let’s walk this path together, because I don’t think that I’m alone in this.

What does your inner voice tell you? Does it hold you back? Does it push you forward? Does it make you miss out on things you’ll later come to regret not experiencing?

If you’ve been following our journey here, you’ll have seen the novel excerpts that I’ve posted. These are pieces from a novel series which was inspired by the struggles I have with my own inner voice. Within me, there has been self-hatred speech and abundant negativity that has led to depression and self doubt. I know that I am worthless. That is the word I hear every day.

We are not worthless unless we live as though we are.

My novels and this blog; these are my voice. I help no one by hiding, and I help no one by putting myself down. Maybe I’m not ready to change the inner voice just yet, but I can change how I respond to it. It is now my challenge to find a way to lift myself up along side others. No one else is less simply because I lift myself up. We are not on a seesaw…

I do not live with the intention of harming someone else. Very much opposite to that. So then, why is it okay to live everyday intentionally harming myself? This is why I have made it my personal challenge to find a way to value myself along with loving others.

Don’t let the word you hear everyday be a negative one. Change your inner voice. Fight against it! Tell it off! Prove it wrong. And remember;

We are not worthless unless we live as though we are.

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