When the last ember of hope fades, I know that will be the end.

There is a truth that we each live by. The knowledge of who we are when the curtain falls and the walls crumble.

My name is irrelevant.
Yet, maybe who I am can still matter.

Or maybe, this is a desperate wish to be known for who I am, and to be accepted despite that. Because maybe then, this story will have a happy ending.

Welcome to week two!
Sometimes, all we need is a safe place to open up. We are not experts. We can only share our experiences and ourselves. And I get it; it’s FRIGHTENING! But, it’s our hope that in sharing, we are letting you know that you are not alone. Don’t forget, that is our mission statement!
That is why we invite you to check in with us. When you feel strong enough, and you are strong enough, come share your side of the story. Be anonymous, if you want. Be angry, sad, lonely, even happy and hopeful. Be whatever emotion you are right now. And just know that right now, because you are here, you are no longer lost.
Because each story deserves a happy ending, we will share ours.

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