Heal Your Heart

Each drawing now begins with a feeling and a couple lines. It doesn’t look like much, but there’s a lot happening here with strong emotions fueling what is to come.

I know the feeling I want to share. Empowered. Sexy. With a kiss of vulnerability. The next step is to proportion, or at least do my best at it. Start looking at positioning. Do the angles make sense? Is there enough room on the page to complete the image? I’ve made that mistake a lot!
Once I’m relatively satisfied, it’s time to start defining. And time to make mistakes. Just because the ‘skeleton’ works, doesn’t mean it all works. So, be forgiving because you’ll likely draw and redraw and then erase, get frustrated and nearly give up. Until finally, something works and it’s time to open a bag of chips to celebrate.

What I like most about drawing, and about storytelling, are the little details. For example, in one of my favorite BL stories the main notes that his interest sleeps on his right side. So, he changes the side of the bed he sleeps on so that his interest will unconsciously roll into him. It’s never mentioned, but if you’re paying attention it’s right there. At least, that’s what I see. And it’s why it’s one of my favorite shows.
With art, I love the subtle details. Like how her skirt hugs certain points on her leg. Or how different pencils will give you different results. I have so much to learn about all of it. I’m excited to discover what’s next!

The previous commission piece has spurred a second. The request from this new client is for a “Plus-size Mushroom Pinup Girl”. She’s my forth attempt at designing this concept, and we’ll have to wait to see if she’s what the client wants. But what I know for sure is that I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished.

This past week, I wrote a short post about not succumbing to the negativity of others. Follow your heart. Be open to learning new things. Be brave in trying something you don’t think you can do. A little over a year ago, I decided to try to do the artwork for my first BL series, Without Apology. I didn’t think I could draw, but I also couldn’t find anyone who would take on the project. Today, I’ve been approached for commission work, and there are people who really like my style! I don’t know if I’ve “made it” as an artist. I’m not charging much for what I do, and my artwork along with my writing are all available here. What I do know is that my heart is healing, and there are moments where I can lift my head in pride.

My hope for you is that you’ll find encouragement in these words to try for something that will help heal your heart. You’re not alone in the doubt and the darkness. But together, we got this.



3 comments on “Heal Your Heart”
  1. As I mentioned earlier, I like your drawing style. I’m paying particular attention to how you’re doing eyes. Eyes always give me the most trouble!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. selinaelliot says:

      Thank you! My sister says she loves the way I do eyes as well. I’ve been working hard at getting better. Now hands…nope, I struggle with those. Haha!


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