Soulful Sundays – A Whisper

Invisible and lost, her worth is tied up in what others can take. They do not see the whispers of who she is. But a whisper is all she can do. Whenever she reveals her true colours, some leave while others ridicule what she cannot explain. If birthday wishes were true, she cries for someone to see her and still choose to stay.



4 comments on “Soulful Sundays – A Whisper”
  1. From the standpoint of a middle-aged dad, posts like this can be a little tough. Dads want to fix things; we’re wired that way. But there are some things a daddy can’t fix and shouldn’t try to, if for no other reason than because “fixing” implies correcting something wrong or broken.

    So what can Daddy do? Maybe try to remind her that she’s a treasure, worth far more than what others see or don’t see. And maybe remind her that he would never, on any account, want someone else as his child.

    And ice cream, if she wants.

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    1. selinaelliot says:

      She does want ice cream and a dad’s hug! Thank you so much for your kindness and wisdom. 🩷💜🩷💜

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      1. My pleasure entirely. Oh, I keep meaning to say, I like your drawing style. I’ve been practicing on my own, but don’t have anything to present yet!

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      2. selinaelliot says:

        That’s wonderful! I’m excited to see when you’re ready to share. And maybe when you’re ready, DeviantArt might be the place to check out. I find it such an amazing community!
        And thank you so much. I’m proud of the progress I’m making. I’m excited to see what I learn next. But at times I completely doubt what I’m doing. It means a lot to have encouragement.


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