The Nice One

Getting home, this comfy chair was my immediate destination. Phone in hand, the social media was opened. The first post asked: what do you want? By the way, my response was a forehead kiss *blissful sigh*!

Then, I began to scroll through other comments. My heart breaks seeing the feelings of loss, inadequacy, and doubt. Some want validation. Some want love. Some just want a way out. It feels natural to express caring because no one should have to feel that way. Yes, it may be a part of life, but it doesn’t have to be a part that we accept. I can only hope that in some way the comments I leave help warm those seeking hearts.

And to everyone that has ever reached out to me with kindness, I want you to know how important those little moments are. A kind gesture. An encouraging smile. A thoughtful comment. You matter more than you may know. So, if you’re the nice person; the one who wants to take away another’s pain and likes to be the reason someone smiles; I hope that you own that with immeasurable pride!

Keep being a Sparkling Unicorn!