Author’s Notes: Elemental Emotions ep 7

Emotions are a powerful influence. But those things have no sense of schedule. They’re certainly not reasonable! Giving emotions a forum gives them the voice they deserve. And perhaps, keeps them from consuming me.

I remember where I was when I was writing episode 7, and why I titled it ‘Darker Times’. Going back to review the episode now, those emotions I thought I’d left behind hit me like they’re new. I still feel that hopelessness that brings bitter tears to my eyes. Maybe it’ll forever be a part of me now. And maybe, even if the memory still scares me, it’s meant to be a part of me.

We all face darker times. We have to find a way to endure them. And, if we can, to grow from them. That dark part of me isn’t the whole of me. It’s never been the whole of me. We can come out the other side stronger and more empowered than we ever knew we could be! But only if we can see that the choice is ours.