Elemental Emotions – Episode 7 Teaser

“I want a flatline for two minutes before we begin the transfusion. Monitor and document all vitals of both subjects throughout the procedure.”

Lab techs ran about performing duties. Transfusion lines were inserted. Dae was the one to start the machine. The boy’s blood was the first to enter containment. Machines gave visuals to his vitals, telling them all they needed to know. The steady beating of the heartrate monitor was baffling. The heart should be racing with adrenaline by now. Yet, the boy was calm. Unusual and questionable. He wasn’t the only one to pick up on this. But it was too late to stop now. The woman died more and more with every moment that passed. Her blood would soon be hard, marking the end for the disease she carried.

The flatline sounded out.

“If he doesn’t revive?” Dae questioned.

“Then he doesn’t survive,” it was a cold response.

by: Selina