Elemental Emotions – Episode 5 Teaser

But Zene was only Zene. What could she do? She wasn’t a fighter. She wasn’t Nevetes.

“I’m an Elemental,” her voice was soft to contrast the determination resting in her eyes. In her eye, the mark glowed bright. Flowers all over the meadow bloomed suddenly and fiercely. The girl with the dark wings came to an abrupt stop. Wonder sparkled within the smoky dark eyes.

Author’s Notes: at times, such as when I wrote this chapter, I think that being alone is where I am better off. Why do I need people when my heart is exhausted? Isn’t it easier being alone in the darkness I both love and loathe?
But…when we’re in the darkness, that is when we need our people the most! Someone to sit with us. To wrap their arms around us. To hold us tight.
May you have that each and every night. And if, like me, you do not; please feel these arms holding tight to you!