Elemental Emotions – preview

From the shadows of prisons, Primals exist to serve mankind. Bastardized versions of the lore they’d been pulled from, they remain controlled and manipulated. A tool used to combat a desperate situation created before their time.

Nevetes, a Primal with hidden intelligence only hinted at within blood-kissed, dark eyes, knows that change is at hand. When desire clashes with design, he must rely on help from the one mortal enemy of his kind. What was lost so many years ago can never again be reclaimed. Yet, looking at the road ahead through those blood-filled eyes, it was clear that the past wasn’t in Nevetes’ sights.

At his side, the most unlikely partner with bright eyes took his hand. Zene would never forget the past that she came from. Perhaps it was only that she couldn’t understand this world that she was forced into. Or perhaps, it was because there was a familiar warmth inside his arms.