Without Apology – Episode 17 Teaser

“We all start somewhere.”

Kuro looked blissfully into the memory those words called up.

“I actually would like to know where you two started,” Emmett confessed.

Dasai shrugged as he looked down at Kuro, “probably when I forced myself on you in the supply closet at school.”

“WHAT?” Emmett and Darcy both said that in unison.

It didn’t faze Kuro, “but I was already dreaming about you before that.”

Dasai lifted a brow in question.

Kuro was blushing, “you’ve always been my favorite memory!”

Hunger shone.

“Okay, before you two start, you were going to show us what you made,” Emmett physically pushed them into walking again.

“It could’ve waited,” Kuro grumbled.

It got a snicker out of Dasai.