Without Apology – Episode 10 Teaser

“It’s strange hearing the conversation from this side,” Kuro smiled brightly.

“What side?” Silas found himself pulled in despite himself.

Kuro addressed Silas with that same smile, “from Dasai’s side.”

Silas turned a shade lighter.

He turned back to Santanah, “I’m a lot like you when I talk to other people. I don’t want to be a burden on anyone. But, hiding how I feel only annoys him. So, he pushes me to say things out loud. Could you tell me your preferred pronouns?”

Santanah looked dazzled, “she/her.”

Kuro turned to Silas and Bryson, “this is Santanah, and she prefers to be addressed with those pronouns.”

“Listen worm,” Silas’ fist had a hold of Kuro’s shirt, tossing him into the lockers. Silas leaned in close, “you can hide behind that psycho Dasai. We’ll let it happen. But you interfere again with our business, and he’ll be too late to stop what we do to you.”