Without Apology – Episode 9

Stars danced in Kuro’s enchanted eyes. He was turning in a slow circle as he walked. The evening lights of the carnival bounced off him to give him a glow.

Scowling, Dasai grabbed a hold of his shoulder to spin him forward, “watch where you’re walking, idiot.”

“Sorry,” he grinned.

“Tch,” the noise came out with a shake of his head. His hand now gripped Kuro’s, “stay close.”

Kuro didn’t let go of his hand. It seemed to make him happy. The smile in his eyes as he drank had Dasai’s interest. Was he really okay with this?

“Do you want some?” mistaking the look, Kuro held up the drink.

He took a drink from the same straw that had just been on Kuro’s lips.

“The docks are beautiful at night,” Kuro moved into his side as they walked. “Are they always like this?”

“With the carnival?” he clarified and received a nod. “You’ve never been? You’ve lived in this city all your life.”

“Yah but,” Kuro trailed off. A note of sadness lowered his gaze.

Dasai stopped walking. Kuro noticed when his hand tugged Kuro back to him. He wanted to know, “finish that.”

He was going to refuse with that characteristic fake grin, but seeing the expression on Dasai’s face stalled him. After a moment, he relented, “mom left me here once. But I was too little for any of the rides, and I didn’t have any money. The crowds were so big that I got lost in them. I just…cried until she was back. I was too scared to come back after that.”

He placed his hands upon Kuro’s hips, “stay next to me.”

There was a moment of hesitation, but Kuro’s hand came to hold onto Dasai’s shirt. There was a question in the look Kuro held. One that couldn’t find a voice, but was still loud to Dasai. He moved his hands to Kuro’s back as he pulled their bodies closer.

“This isn’t practice,” he ground out.

Kuro nodded agreement. Satisfied, Dasai’s lips moved closer. He stared hard at Kuro’s soft, hopeful gaze. Kuro gripped tighter to his shirt.

A horn blasted out next to them. A person in a bear costume holding balloons and oversized lollipops moved in next to them, its focus was the two of them. The inane, carved-on smile pressed closer to Kuro as the person inside the costume shoved an oversized lollipop at him. Dasai’s fist rose to snatch the candy out of the air.

Hand upon Kuro’s lower back, he led them away from the interruption. Behind them, the mascot stood dumbfounded with the lollipop stick protruding out of the carved mouth and Kuro’s upturned drink resting on its head. Kuro was looking behind them as they walked. A giggle escaped.

“Whatch’ya wanna do?” Dasai wouldn’t look back. He certainly wasn’t going to apologize.

“Can we try the rides?” Kuro looked up at him.

“You’re probably still too small for them,” Dasai made fun.

“I’m not that small,” a wry grin on Kuro came across as adorable.

Dasai stopped to pull their bodies closer with suggestion falling heavy, “you might be the right size for this ride.”

Kuro pulled his face closer to Dasai’s chest to hide a blush.

“Would you really, if I said yes?” Kuro got up the courage to ask. Though he lacked the courage to make eye contact.

“I would destroy you,” he breathed into Kuro’s ear as he ran his fingers over the nape of Kuro’s neck. “But only when you learn to ask.”

The way he held to Dasai’s chest revealed that Kuro was giving it serious thought.

Pleased, he pulled Kuro along, “let’s check out the vendors. Carina has a booth.”’

“Really?” Kuro was excited.

That excitement had Dasai smiling.

He lay wide awake in his bed staring blankly up at the ceiling. The date he’d had with Kuro was replaying in his mind. It had been a great time. He’d loved every moment of it. So much so that in the end, he’d lacked the courage to demand an answer from Kuro. In one of the few times where it actually mattered, he didn’t know how to get to what he wanted.

A timid knock at the door revealed the identity of the one knocking. He didn’t move beyond an angry gaze. If Kuro wanted to come in, he was going to have to pull up the courage to let himself in. There was a pause which made him wonder if Kuro hadn’t already given up.

But then, the door opened. The light from the hallway created a shadowy figure.

“Dasai?” the small voice reached out.

It was all he could do not to jump up. Kuro needed protection. He needed someone strong. But more than that, he needed to be strong for himself. And so, Dasai simply lay there. The door closed behind Kuro as he came inside. Bold, for someone so timid. He let his annoyed gaze shift towards Kuro.

“I’m s-sorry,” he took a single step forward.

“For what?” he finally acknowledged Kuro’s presence. His gaze once more upon the ceiling.

Kuro’s hands wrung together nervously, “I’m bothering you.”

“Kuro,” the way he’d said the name was a warning that stopped Kuro from backing out of the room.

There was effort that Kuro had to exert just to come closer. It was a struggle that caused him to hesitate.

“You’re afraid,” he accused.

Missing Dasai’s point, Kuro nodded, “of a lot of things. Mostly of being proven right.”

It was surprising to have Kuro sit down upon the bed. Kuro was doing many surprising things in this moment.

“About today?” his voice was so small.

“Are you gay?” Dasai dared to ask the damned annoying question Darcy had planted in his mind.

Kuro’s eyes went wide just before he hid them behind his hands.

“Why the fuck does that embarrass you?” he snarled over at him.

From behind his hands, “I’m not embarrassed. I just don’t know what the right answer is.”

Dasai closed his eyes in pain. That pain escaped on a sigh, “there is only the truth, which you better start spouting!”

Slowly, his hands lowered revealing that there wasn’t a flush of embarrassment just as Kuro claimed.

“I’m not sure. I guess I haven’t really ever thought about it,” Kuro confessed softly. Nervous hands fidgeted, “I guess I would be if we’re dating. …are we?”

“Dumbass,” he angrily looked away. “It’s your call.”

“Oh,” Kuro stared blankly at the covers he toyed with as he tried to absorb that.

“Spit it out already,” he snarled!

Immediately Kuro pushed the words out, “I don’t…”

Dasai felt his heart fall.

“…want to kiss anyone but you.”

He listened to the words one more time in his mind.

Dasai glared off to the side, “you gonna figure it out someday that you’re not into guys?”

“But I’m not into guys,” was the immediate, thoughtless reply. “I’m into you.”

He watched Kuro.

Though nervous, he made eye contact, “I want us to d-date. If that’s okay…with you.”

“Fucking kiss me already,” he made the moment easier on Kuro.

Excited by the order, Kuro sported a blush and gave no argument! He crawled across the king-sized bed until his hands landed next to Dasai. With them supporting his body, Kuro leaned close. Their lips met. Not a bad attempt.

It wasn’t enough for Dasai, who grabbed a handful of Kuro’s shirt. He pulled them closer together, bringing the kiss to a deeper level. He felt Kuro melt, his eyes fluttering shut.

Pulling back just enough to look Dasai in the eyes, Kuro grinned. His lip was between his teeth, and there was suggestion in Kuro’s posture, “I’m not sure how I identify but, I gotta think at least one part of me is gay.”

“You amorous little shit,” he laughed. “You’re not ready for that.”

But he was ready for the kiss that Dasai wanted. He was leaning into Dasai, their lips about to engage, when he dared to say, “you said that I just had to ask.”

With Kuro’s face in his hands, Dasai cut him off softly, “you’re not ready.”

Kuro’s eyes danced as he looked at Dasai, “is it because I’m blushing?”

Dasai’s warm smile held him tenderly, “your blushing is a turn-on.”

Without intending upon it, that blush grew in strength. Kuro straddled Dasai’s lap. Warm hands held his waist in response. Kuro set his hands on Dasai’s chest and asked, “have you ever had sex before?”

“Find a better use for those lips,” it was a warning.

Kuro’s wandering fingers slid up under Dasai’s shirt. His look coyly challenged that order.

“One inch, you take the whole damned mile!” Dasai took a firm hold of the hands causing trouble, “fine, yes, you little shit! I’ve had sex before.”

“Guy or girl?” Kuro was far too excited.

“You’re done talking.”

“Was it good? Your first time? Did someone hurt you? That’s why you won’t tell me?”

Dasai looked up at him, “what could you do if they had?”

Kuro looked panicked!

“Fu…it was fine! Nothing special, nothing traumatic. Will you calm down?”

Their fingers toyed with each other.

“Were you good at that too?” Kuro hadn’t meant for it, but the volume of his voice had dropped with the worries he held. “A…natural talent, or did you practice lots?”

“Idiot. Will you get over here?” he had a hold of Kuro, pulling his face to his chest.

Specifically, he wanted Kuro to hear the beating of his heart. It was fast right now. Fast because he was nervous. Kuro held him as he listened.

Dasai’s belying calm voice explained, “I don’t have a lot of experience, but enough that I know it’s different with every partner you have. You have to learn what the other person likes. Largely, by trial and error.”

“You could talk about it too,” Kuro spoke. He wasn’t moving his head.

Dasai was running his fingers through Kuro’s hair, “don’t be a grownup about sex.”

It got a light giggle.

“My point, is that it doesn’t matter if you’re good or not. Because it only really gets good when you’re both in sync with each other. And that’s a matter of building a relationship.”

Kuro sat back up, “are you thinking about them or me when you say that? Were you in love?”

“The hell I’m giving you any information you can obsess over.”

Feeling rejected, Kuro went to move away.

“You are such a talker,” Dasai ground out. His hand on Kuro’s arm stopped him from going anywhere, “We weren’t in love, though we probably would have called it that. It was the summer I was away. I met a boy. At the end of summer, we decided we would commit to each other. It was an awkward mess that was over before it started because neither of us had experience. And we didn’t know any of the things we could do that would make sex more enjoyable. Surprisingly, you don’t just stick it in and rattle it around.”

Kuro was blushing. And he was considering.

Dasai gave him more, if only to stop him from overthinking, “I’ve never heard from him again. And he’s never heard from me. That’s why I know it wasn’t love. We’re both okay never having to face each other again. You and I don’t get that luxury. Do you get that?”

“So,” Kuro’s eyes rose as he came to a conclusion, “you protecting me really protects you too.”

“Really?” the sardonic tone brought out a grin from Kuro.

In his eyes, enchantment sparkled, “and everyone wins then. So, it’s a good thing. Plus…”

Kuro shifted closer, getting the response that he was after. Dasai’s hands moved up under the shirt to touch skin. A shiver moved over Kuro as he snuggled in closer so that his whispered words hit Dasai’s ears.

Dasai’s eyes went wide with surprise. His strength pulled Kuro down onto the bed beneath him. Arms at either side of Kuro kept him pinned, “I told you no.”

Mischievous delight sparkled up at Dasai. It was damned near enough to entice him to forget his stand.

“Shut-up and try to go to sleep,” he ordered, trying not to encourage Kuro with his smile. He lay down behind Kuro, pulling him close and keeping those wandering hands of Kuro’s tamely within his.

Kuro attempted to wriggle his hands free, but he failed to achieve that goal.

There was an embittered mumble, “I’m still uncomfortable.”

There was a snicker.

“You talk relationships a lot but you’re not in one,” Kuro looked up from his notebook. He and Emmett were on a break period. Since Kuro wasn’t allowed to be alone, Emmett had offered to sit with him in the nearly empty classroom. Emmett opted for free time while Kuro opted to study. He’d been quickly diverted from that with Emmett’s chattering.

“Cruel,” Emmett gave a suffering sigh.

“I’m sorry,” he panicked! “I didn’t mean to be.”

Emmett was grinning, “you weren’t. I meant life is cruel. I have a very specific type.”

“What’s your type?” Kuro dropped his interest in studying.

“Big and burly,” his shoulders trembled. “I know they say swimmers have the best bodies, but they don’t compare to football players!”

“You like sports?”

“I like the players,” Emmett laughed. “But I’ll pretend to like the sport if it gets me close to them.”

“Have you been in a relationship before?” there was a note of trepidation that Kuro was trying to keep undercover.

Emmett was no fool, but he was also sensitive and so he kept quiet about his observations. He gave Kuro the info that he was after, “several times. Five, to be exact. Though none of them were overly serious. Typical high school stuff.”

“What were they like? How do you be in a relationship?” studying was taking a new direction.

“You’re already in relationships,” Emmett shrugged the matter off. “With me and Darcy; we’re in a friendship. With Dasai’s mom; you said that you two have been growing closer. That’s a relationship.”

“But a…you know,” he stammered.

“I know. And it’s not any different, except for the stuff you do with each other.”

“What stuff?” he sat forward.

“Sweetie,” Emmett raised his hands to ward Kuro off, “I am not giving you a play by play.”

“But, h-how do you get to that stuff? And how do you know how to do that stuff?”

“Do you really want me to tell you?” he was now squirming in his seat.

Their fellow study-hall classmates were tuned in with interest. With a wide grin, one of them encouraged, “I really want you to tell all of us.”

“Yah, I’ve never even had a boyfriend but there’s a guy a like. How do I get from crush to dating?”

“And when is the right time to move from holding hands to making out?”

“Why am I suddenly an expert?” Emmett was uncomfortable.

Kuro smiled innocently, “because you’ve dated the most. And you brought up the subject.”

Emmett’s gaze turned suspicious, but Kuro maintained an innocent visage. If he was manipulating the situation, Emmett wasn’t going to find out right now.

‘Everyone has their spot. I tremble when Dasai’s fingers run down my lower back. I just need to find his spot.’

This was advice that Emmett had reluctantly given the others in study-hall. Among some other bits of advice. But those were things Kuro wasn’t quite ready for just yet. Not just yet. First, he wanted to master this challenge and make Dasai gasp.

The thought made Kuro blush. Thankfully, his lips were busy on Dasai, so his face was hidden. He’d started behind Dasai’s ears, but that hadn’t accomplished much. So, he was moving his way down. Building up the courage slowly as he went.

Dasai’s hand gently ran over Kuro’s head. He seemed distracted. Not very into what Kuro was doing. Maybe there was something bothering Dasai? Or maybe…

“I’m sorry,” the apology came quickly as the thought entered his mind! Kuro sat up, “I’m not very good.”

“Shut up, it’s not you,” Dasai grumbled, but he wasn’t making eye contact.

“I’ll get better. I’ll keep practicing,” he was going to get so much better at this! He wanted Dasai to feel the way he did when Dasai was doing things to him. If it were possible.

If it weren’t possible…

Dasai nodded absently. He continued to hold his hand in Kuro’s hair. “It’s fine.”

“I promise,” Kuro clutched his fists into Dasai’s open shirt. “I’ll practice on lots of guys until I’m the best!”

“I know…” He finally looked at Kuro, “what?”

‘He’s finally looking at me.’ Kuro grinned, “you’ll see. Lots and lots of practice on different guys will make me really good.”

“You think you’re funny?” he engaged his partner.

Kuro’s grin grew. He finally had all of Dasai’s attention. ‘Maybe, Dasai’s spot isn’t physical. Maybe his is psychological.’

Dasai pinned him to the bed, “the only practice your lips will have is on my body. We’d better be clear about that right now. I’m not a cute type of jealous.”

Feeling Dasai’s weight pressing down on his body brought his alive in a way that only Dasai could accomplish! His head tilted back when Dasai’s tongue ran up his neck to his ear. A shiver ran through him, escaping on a moan. Dasai fed off this.