Without Apology – Episode 7

“I’m gonna kill that amateur!” Dasai was foaming at the mouth.

“Will you calm down Dasai,” Carina was sitting with Kuro working on bandaging him up. “It was an accident. And nothing more than each of you’ve had.”

“It was my fault. I shouldn’t have been that close,” Kuro tried to calm the situation. His arm was hurt but, considering all the things that could have happened at the studio, this was minor. Thankfully the shear had only barely touched the liquid glass moments before it sliced his arm by accident. And it wasn’t anything some bandages and ice couldn’t resolve. Probably wouldn’t leave that much of a scar.

“You’re a guest, Kuro. Not an apprentice,” Carina assured him. “Not like these idiots.”

“You got something to say?” Dasai challenged.

Soft smile playing at his lips, Kuro spoke up, “she’s only saying that you failed.”

Everyone stopped, frozen until Carina started laughing, “oh, you are coming around more often.”

“He can’t because he’s dead meat when we get home,” Dasai cracked his knuckles.

“But I’m injured,” it seemed he couldn’t stop grinning.

“You’re gonna be hurting too.”

Kuro saw the glint in Dasai’s eyes. It caught his breath causing a blush to spring upon his cheeks. Dasai liked the response.

“There you go,” Carina was through. “As good as new. You can get back to work if you want.”

“I’m taking him home,” Dasai nodded at him to get up.

He was going to argue. It would be a shame if Dasai didn’t get to finish. His mouth closed at the look he saw on Dasai’s face. Arguing was pointless.

“I’m sorry,” he could stop the argument but not the apology.

Carina smiled, “I agree with him. Get going home. I hope we’ll see you again soon. Next time, I’ll be sure to keep an eye on you.”

Dasai had Kuro’s shirt collar in his hand, dragging him off. Kuro waved goodbye with a happy smile!

“You wanted to go home,” Kuro pointed out as they walked towards the beach.

“It’s too early. Besides, I thought you liked the beach,” Dasai glanced down.

That feeling made golden eyes sparkle.

“No going in the water for you,” he made that clear.

Kuro shook his head. There was an eager grin upon his face, “how about volleyball?”

“Hell no,” that was off the board today!

“But Dasai,” there was a hint of a whine.

‘Dammit, why does he have to look so damned cute?! He makes it impossible to say no to him. Is he aware of this? Does he play this? Is he playing me?’

His glare cut across, “you gonna play with one arm?”

Kuro’s lips pursed ever so subtly.


“Don’t pout,” he sighed. “I’ll get you ice cream, okay?”

That seemed to appease Kuro. Dasai put his arm around Kuro’s shoulders to lead him in the right direction.

“Hey, isn’t that Dasai?”

Darcy’s gaze followed Emmett’s line of sight up the street.

“Hey yah, it is,” her voice had turned excited!

“And that’s our Kuro.” Emmett smiled.

“I thought Dasai was busy all afternoon,” accusation crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes.

“Clearly he is,” delight radiated off Emmett.

“They live together,” she angrily brushed away his insinuation. “It’s not a surprise to see them hanging out. Maybe they just have errands to run.”

Kuro’s ice cream hit his cheek when Dasai’s arm landed upon his shoulders. Though he moved to wipe it away with a napkin, Dasai put a stop to that. Holding Kuro’s chin in one hand and his shoulder in the other, Dasai ran his tongue up Kuro’s cheek. The ice cream vanished.

And the two of them forgot how to breathe. Emmett confessed with a light chuckle, “and after that, I’m not sure what relationship they have.”

To their surprise, Kuro was laughing when Dasai slid a hand into his back pocket. Kuro laughingly admonished Dasai yet made no move to remove the hand. There was a level of comfort between them, and a certain ease that Kuro hadn’t shown before.

“Well, that raises more questions than it answers,” Emmett shrugged at a loss.

Dasai spoke something that brought up a blush in Kuro’s cheeks. And though ice cream obscured lips, it was clear that he was still smiling. His response was spoken into Dasai’s chest. The smile that came out of Dasai was predatory in nature.

“I’m not sure who’s the luckier out of the two,” Emmett was openly envious.

“What? How so?” Darcy’s angry glare bounced around.

“They’ve gotta be dating, right?” Emmett looked dreamily at the pair.

“You don’t even know if Kuro is gay. They’re probably just joking around. Kuro’s too timid to say anything.”

“You were quick to push him on me the other week,” he reminded. Emmett was taking in so much more than just the words they couldn’t hear, “besides, it’s not his words that’s telling Dasai what he wants to hear.”

“What does that mean?” she demanded to know.

But she didn’t really want to know. Not when it was about Dasai and his interest which wasn’t her.

“Come on,” he put his arm around her neck. “Let’s go shopping.”

Behind them, Dasai still had a hand in Kuro’s back pocket.

“I’m okay,” Kuro tried to reassure yet again. “I promise!”

“You’re hurt,” Dasai reminded him as he ushered Kuro into the living room. “So you’re going to take it easy and rest.”

“But it’s only seven,” he couldn’t help but laugh. “And you haven’t had supper yet.”

Kuro’s chin was in Dasai’s hand which directed his gaze to Dasai’s. There was a pointed look being cast down at him.

Slowly, he grinned, “we haven’t.”

“Better,” he released his hold.

The zipper of Kuro’s hoodie moved down at his touch. Careful of the injury, he helped Kuro remove the clothing. Next to the white bandage which stood out, the scars on Kuro’s arm had his gaze. Hands on Kuro’s shoulders, he pushed him onto the couch next to the discarded item.

“Sit,” Dasai commanded.

Dasai was walking towards the kitchen when Kuro let out a small bark. It stopped Dasai short. A slow turn found Kuro sitting obediently on the couch with his hands pressed over his mouth. Dasai retraced his steps to Kuro, who was cringing away with laughter.

“You’re a saucy little shit today,” Dasai shoved Kuro down onto his back. As he straddled him, he pinned Kuro’s hands above his head.

Kuro was laughing, showing an ease with Dasai that was new. Enchanted by this, Dasai didn’t hesitate to claim a kiss. Kuro’s tongue slid fearlessly inside his mouth. The kid was a fast learner! He returned the gesture. There was a softness in Kuro’s eyes that was mirrored in Dasai.

Dasai felt himself reacting. He didn’t want this to be practice, but how did he tell that to Kuro? What if all Kuro wanted was practice? What if Dasai speaking his emotions changed things between them? What if everything ended?

Light were Kuro’s footsteps as he walked back into the living room. His hand ran over his neck along the back of his hair. The day was catching up to him. But the idea of going to bed early wasn’t appealing. He’d be missing out if he did that.

His steps slowed. The television was on low on one of Dasai’s shows. The remote was on the coffee table next to a glass of water that was half empty. Soft was Dasai’s breath as he slept.

Kuro made his way closer. Dasai looked exactly like Dasai, and that made him smile. Some people had a peaceful look while they slept. Dasai looked intense, just like he generally did. It would be best to let Dasai sleep.

Almost meditatively he watched.

Teeth nervously chewing on his bottom lip, Kuro made a move that made his heart pound! The couch didn’t move when he sat down. Dasai didn’t wake. Even when Kuro nestled down atop Dasai, his face making a pillow of the strong chest, there was no movement. As a few slow breaths moved them, Kuro let himself relax. His smile was solely because this moment was special. The spell was like a comforting blanket over him, enticing him to join Dasai in slumber.

Dasai’s eyes slid open. Finding that it was Kuro’s weight warming him, he placed a hand at Kuro’s back. The smile softening his features followed him back into sleep.