A Different Perspective

Once again, let’s visit the perspective of two different artists.
Both write-ups were done separately. The aim is to see how two people can view the same image. This time, our thoughts align, and I find it so fascinating.

Used. Forgotten. No Less Treasured.
Being left behind. Forgotten and ignored. Told that you hold no value. It can leave a desolate hole within our souls.
The value others see, or assign, it is not the worth we need to carry. I see your beauty. I hear the stories. I know the truth. You are no less treasured!
Selina Elliot

Once full of beauty, in my prime. Loved, wanted and treasured. As the seasons changed, the love changed and was left behind to die; alone. As years passed, life dwindled away, becoming unpleasing. One day a stranger passed, looking at me, seeing the beauty that was, is and the potential that was there. Looking at each other, knowing that we could help each other believe once again in love. Even though at times we may feel like we are unworthy and forgotten, someone will always see the beauty inside. As pure beauty never dies!
CS; photographer for Mystical Beauty Within