One photo, two perspectives written apart. Have you ever looked at a photo and found your mind creating stories? Happens all the time to me. That’s why I thought it would be fun to merge two friends’ passions into one blog. Below, you’ll see the photo through the photographer’s eyes and through my eyes. What do your eyes see?

Photographer’s Vision

When I took the picture of the train tracks, it meant a few different things to me. At the time I took it, I had a few things flash through my mind, heart, and soul. First off, it symbolized an adventurous path that I had not yet traveled. Also, to me, it leads into a new beginning, a second chance at life. Given the chance, I do not want to let the adventure pass me by. This was the most beautiful visual reminder that was given to me.

Writer’s Vision

Sad, blue eyes stare into the distance following tracks that aren’t watching her. They move on, intent only upon the journey. If only she had the courage to live her life like that.

What would it be like? Her fingers tuck her hair behind her ears. Pulling lightly at her shirt, the wind follows the endless tracks. Does it too want her to take that journey? What does it take to make that first step?

A past that cannot be forgotten? A selfish turn of her back on those that rely on her? Is that what it means? A selfish attitude and a cruel heart. She has to admit, to walk her path means to let them down.

A tear rolls off her cheek.

Selina Elliot