The Paths We Tread

The desolate isolation can be the narrative which overwhelms. A rocky crag to sink a once mighty ship! Is this where the story ends? Or simply, where our story begins?

The paths tread are worn. Beaten down by years of abuse and use. Forgotten, lost, and neglected.

Does this diminish their value? The hundred footsteps before cannot take from the journey of the ones plodding forward now. The journey is new. Hope the inconsistent companion.

Welcome or welcome back! Inscriptions From The Heart is a blog whose origins came about because the heart needs a safe place to grow and flourish. Those items on my heart, and the hearts of those around me always find their way here from the paths we tread.

From featured entrepreneurs, to random thoughts, to novel excerpts, it’s found here. In the next phase, you will see featured art from a dear friend accompanied by a short writing piece from me. The catch, I can’t know a thing about the image given to me. But when I’m done, you will see the image, my interpretation, and the photographer’s insights. This will be a fun project to grow and strengthen who I am, as well as just a fun experiment for us to share! I hope you will come back to see.

Cheers and Blessings, Selina Elliot