S***! I Forgot To Post

The demand to be ‘on’, to be ‘precise’, to be ‘perfect’ can be deflating. This blog began with the expectation that each post would be polished. Editing is important. And it’s not exactly my strong suit. The ideal was to have a weekly post that came out like clockwork. Life often has other plans. There would be continuity, consistency, and cohesiveness. All the things needed for success.

Hi, I’m Selina! I’m not perfect, I’m busy, there’s a lot of expectations upon me in a lot of different areas. And sometimes, I’m beat as well as beat up. I made the decision to move ahead with the blog despite not having the perfect plan in place because I can learn, I can grow, I can change my mind.

We have one chance at this life, but not only one chance within it. I don’t want to spend time waiting for everything to be perfect before I try. The fear of failure isn’t as strong as the fear of harsh criticism. But, should any fear hold me back?

Don’t fear the mistakes. Embrace them and learn from them. Even show them off a little! Forgive yourself for those chances that slipped by because more than one exists. If I can give one piece of advice to us all; take your next chance without hesitation.