Let’s Not Wait Until You’re At A Crisis Point

Interventions comes in all forms for all sorts of reasons. Before an outside force is needed, why don’t we take a look within?

Betterment Monday is something I’ve begun for myself. It’s a dedicated time to review who I am, who I desire to be, what I’m doing, and where I’m going. All with a little outside help.

Today’s lesson plan; how ready for change am I? The fact that I’m reading a book about change, that I listen to podcasts dedicated to this; I think I should be a solid 10! I am not. And that’s ok.

Change is frightening! I mean, scare the pants off you, horror film, wraith-level scary shit! And it’s also necessary. Unless you’re…nope, even if you got this life thing down to an art, change is still needed and it’s coming for you regardless.

The crisis point began about a year ago. It escalated around six months ago. Change wasn’t coming. Change was HERE kicking down walls like the Kool-Aid man. The only choice I had was to keep her in the closet or let her out to see the sun.

She likes the sun; this Best Self of mine. I know who I am. Now, I have to be strong enough to embrace and affect the change I deserve.

Let’s do Betterment Mondays together. What do you deserve?