The one that actually believes she’s worthwhile of having dreams and achieving them.

Things have been strange lately, and it’s been a rough go. But not for the reasons one might expect.

COVID has caused a change. Many changes, actually. And I’m okay with what’s changed in my life. Better than okay, I’m THRILLED with these changes! Working from home has been a life saver. And I am being rather literal. Other than writing fiction full time, I can’t imagine being happier.

The rough go isn’t about social distancing, even though I miss hanging out with friends and family. This isn’t about losing someone I love; Saskatoon is a strong community and many are practicing StayAtHome discipline (thank you all). Our recovery rate, I understand, is solid!

This struggle is internal. One of making changes within myself to be my best self. The one that actually believes she’s worthwhile of having dreams and achieving them. The one that has talent, can share that talent with others, and is strong enough to put her talent on display.


But also, it’s become very clear that we really do all have different battles that we’re fighting. For me, I love working from home. The real silver lining during COVID. Yet, for others like my grandma, I pray for a speedy end. It’s heartbreaking to see the struggles of isolation others are burdened with. For me, I know this isn’t about running from society, this is about living authentically. When things do shift back, how can I keep this reality alive? Can I achieve the next level in my writing?

Am I worth this dream? If I were anyone else I’d say “hells yah you are”.

Alright, enough confusing messages and self-realizations for the time. If you’ve read this far, thank you! And stay tuned for the next instalment of Sins Of The Father; a novel by Selina Elliot.

I do apologize that it’s been a delay since the last post. Internal struggles and migraines have really done a number on me lately.

Stay positive. Stay strong. And when you can’t, let me offer you a safe place to fall.

Cheers and blessings to you, my lovelies!

Selina Elliot 💜