Am I Meant to be Unhappy?

In a recent blog I mentioned that there’s a new journey in sight. It’s time to define that journey.

There’s a clear knowledge that there has been plenty to bring this about. The complacent don’t take that first step. And one hard-ringing truth stands out; I’m sick of not being worth it.

But what is it? How is it defined? How do you achieve it? How will I know if I’m worth it if I don’t even know what it is?

I’m coming to see that what ‘it’ is greatly depends upon how I view myself. The inner voice that says I am worthless would keep me in a life that is dictated. My new inner voice says “F*** that! You deserve the life you want, so choose it!”

You know what? I rather like this inner B****. She’s bloody badass! This is more than just inspirational blather. For years, I listened to the voice that said I wasn’t good enough to make my own list. Today, you can bet your sweet biffy I make that list. Hell, I’m top on it! Because if I’m not, then someone else is starring in my life. And that would be the worst novel I ever wrote!

Because my inner voice is changing, I see me changing. I’m stronger for those that need me, I’m brighter to those around me, I’m calm for those that need it. I’m a better and brighter version of myself. And I can hardly wait to see what I accomplish next!

If you’re looking for how you can start this journey, I HIGHLY recommend Phil In The Blanks “Living By Design” podcast. Save your groans, Dr. Phil naysayers. Listen or don’t, that’s up to you. I don’t get paid to promote this. I just feel it’s important to share. Because for the first time in my life, my inner voice says “I love you, girl!”. And damn, I want that for you!

Until your inner voice says the words you deserve to hear; sending hugs and warmth to all my lovelies!

Holiday Cheers, Selina Elliot