Pride in Saskatoon 2019

What a cold, rainy day for the Saskatoon Pride Parade! And yet, just like Pride, we’ve badly needed rain. The ponds are drying up badly, making it tough for wildlife. The fire ban has been in effect for a long time. But, the rains are finally here and sticking around for more than a minute!

Welcome rain to Pride 2019!

We’ve come a long way. Even from when I was kid when “you’re so gay” was the worst insult. Closed minded bigotry that we spewed because we parroted what we’d heard. It created a world where my friend had to hide in the closet, and I was not allowed to discover who I was. And though much more extreme hatred has been faced by others, it is that same unintelligible fear that has driven hatred all across the world.

But now, I have found myself surrounded by the most beautiful rainbow! Where I’m accepted and loved simply because I am me. And isn’t that enough? Aren’t we all enough when we live with love in our hearts, and guided by a spirit that yearns to bring light wherever we go?

There is no rainbow without rain. So, thank you rain for coming to join us on our walk of Pride today! The cold only gives us more reason to warmly embrace those around us.

Proudly Pan, Selina Elliot