Elemental Emotions – Episode 13 Teaser

“Prepare them,” the general’s voice was hard and flat. “It’s about to begin.”

Across the field twenty figures stood watching them. They were not united as a group. They were untrained. Kids mostly. And even though Captain Elsie’s and Captain Dae’s troops only totalled eighty, they had trained under one discipline and had battle experience.

“This will be over soon,” he was very confident.

Following their orders given by their captains, the troops were readied. Standing alone at the head, Vania watched as two additional figures emerged from the woods. From this distance, it would be impossible to say where Nevetes’ eyes were focused. And yet, without a single shred of doubt, Vania knew that he alone was in that darkened, soulless sight.

“I should have brought about your demise a long time ago, Nevetes,” he stared across the expanse separating them. “But your mother’s suffering had been too short, and you were her surrogate.”

There was only the slightest movement that could be detected from this distance. A lowering of the chin in deadly challenge. A moment after, and a growl came along with the breeze. A base that hit the chest and brought about a palpable fear in all who heard it.