Elemental Emotions – Episode 8 Teaser

Death. It radiated off his being. It drove dark wings to propel him and gave him focus shown in the position of his body. His fangs bit into his own flesh as his lips pulled back to allow a dark growl to emerge. His right arm was before his face. It slashed through the trunk of a tree that stood in his path. Unhindered, he continued on. The tree crashed loudly behind him. His feet did not touch the forest floor. The dark wings alone carried him on.

His gaze shot to the right. The only indication seen of his intent. Sharply, it was as though he was thrown to the right to follow his dark gaze. The world around him was caught in the tow, bending to the pull of the wind he created. He zigzagged through the forest in search of what had brought him out here. At the last moment, he shifted his weight to plant his foot firmly in the leaflitter. His wings came forward around his arms. He was launched high into the trees. From there, he used the heavy branches and his wings to move him through the forest. Until what he came in search of lay dead at his feet he would not stop.