Elemental Emotions – Author’s Perspective

Almost two years ago, I began writing Elemental Emotions. It was absolutely for fun! Just a side project to help distract from things going on in my life that were very bad. It became somewhat of an obsession; no regrets though!

And then suddenly, a major shift happened. I walked away from what was toxic and did not look back. Since then, I’ve written Without Apology and have been learning to draw! I’ve discovered a new culture of dramas that I am BIG into. I’ve changed career fields entirely. And I’m taking care of me.

Without Apology was inspired by my healing journey and trying to discover if I have any worth. Elemental Emotions was written when I took my first steps on that journey. It took a lot of courage to walk away from something many saw as the proper path. But success looks differently for everyone. And if you want to know what your success looks like, you first have to define it.


Elemental Emotions – WIP