Without Apology – Episode 13 Teaser

The door was locked with a sign that said Danny would be back after an extended lunch. Disappointing turn of events. Not that Danny was likely to let them do this in his office shower. He was a liberal-minded guy, but there had to be boundaries. Or so he constantly reminded Dasai.

No sense in pining over what wasn’t. He turned. And then promptly froze. Murder was written upon Kuro’s face! If looks alone were enough, the door would have melted under that ferocity. The sentiment was shared, but it was impossible not to laugh. Though wisely he did attempt to hide it behind his hand.

Slowly, Kuro’s gaze moved to him. Dasai pulled him closer.

“Don’t,” Kuro snapped.

“Yes?” he could not resist. Kuro felt so good in his arms!

“Don’t you start something you can’t finish.”

The warning wasn’t heeded.

His fingers touched Kuro’s spot, pulling out a shiver. Clinging to Dasai, Kuro tried to admonish, “Dasai, I’m trying to block certain responses right now!”

Lips upon Kuro’s ear, “I promise I’ll find us a way.”