Past The Well

Across the distance, their eyes were locked. Why was he just standing there looking at her? Would he not come to force her back in the well? Breathless, she held him in her gaze. Sharp fangs slightly protruding from behind soft lips. Deadly claws in strong hands lay lightly at his sides. Soulless eyes holding no life and no warmth looked down upon her. He watched her with a predatory gaze. The pale color of simple clothing did nothing to detract from the dark edge his black hair and eyes gave him.

The time had come, and the earth had answered her call. It now held the fearsome creatures in the roots of great trees. Those roots bowed to allow her room to leave. But the path led to him. Did the earth know what she could not? This was madness and yet she moved among the trapped creatures with her gaze upon him. Was this man before her not what she thought him to be? Or was he everything that she rightfully feared? She stood before him silent and still. She wanted to ask for his help because she didn’t understand. This world she was now a part of made no sense! There was anger and fear and pain. All the things she loved about life were gone. They had been taken from her. He stood looking slightly down upon her without any emotion. The gaze was unkind. A black countenance only added to the air of oppression. And yet, there was a hint of softness in his features, even if it didn’t reach those dark eyes. Perhaps it was the way the hair fell softly around those eyes to dull their edge.

Narrowed eyes which shifted focus beyond her shoulder gave a hint of ferocity. It was that, accompanied by the smallest smile which brought fear to the room. The humans, so confident in their control, now held eyes round with terror.

Selina Elliot