Featured Entrepreneur: Andrea Jansen – Hair Artist

First you told yourself that you are worthy. Then, you gave that worth a mould it can fill. So now, it’s time to act!

Meet my good friend, a woman of great inspiration and drive, Andrea Jansen – Hair Artist! This mega-talent has embarked upon the self-employed journey that many of us only dream of. She stepped away from franchises and salons to mark her own talent. And thank Heaven she did!

The industry is in for a shake-up! Andrea has found her passion in creating unique looks that showcase her clients. If you want to feel worthy just because you are who are, make an appointment with Andrea! She’s finds you, and she makes you SPARKLE! You will never feel more powerful and more perfect than when you get up from her chair.

This entrepreneurial artist is a rainbow pallet of experience! And at the core, an education junkie is what this woman is. Her motto; always seek ways to be better than you were yesterday. Because the moment she becomes comfortable, is the moment things stop moving forward.

Don’t let yourself become stagnant. Don’t accept that things can’t get better, or that you’re only good enough when you’re in someone else’s mould. It won’t be easy, sacrifice will be inevitable. And yep, you’ll be uncomfortable at times. Keep that vision for yourself in plain view every day, and you’ll remember why you are working so hard.

Deciding to move down the self-employed avenue was easy for our Andrea. Not without fear, but there was no alternative that was worth considering simply because, “I never doubted myself”. That, right there, is the key to success. What we tell ourselves matters! And that was why we explored worth this month, and why we will end our discussion with Andrea.

When asked, her greatest piece of advice was this; “Don’t be unhappy for too long”.

Photo taken by Andrea! Find Andrea on Instagram and Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/andreajansenhairartist